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Thread: Guesses on Offer Price?

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    Guesses on Offer Price?

    Alright, if Mel is playing a high stakes game of chicken with EchoStar, and trying to force them to trade their debt for equity at a higher price...OR to out right come out with a buyout offer....

    WHAT price do you think they'll pay per share for taking over Sirius?

    I know, I know....but play along and indulge me. Cause if this be true, a buyout is better than nothing if you're a shareholder.

    Any guesses?

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    I think he would offer at most .50 cents, but I'd take it at this point.

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    I cancelled my sub....if the equity recovers, I'll resubscribe --- if now, sweet dreams Sirius. I am holding my shares until the bitter end though....

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    If BK does happen, I think I'd have to cancel just because I couldn't stand to see that radio in my car or the SiriusXM logo after all this insanity.

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    I think that EchoStar wants mel & co. to pay them a dollar a share to take this piece of $%^ off their hands.

    Nice to see u back friggin.

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    I would think if everyone reacted to this news by cancelling their sub, it would GUARANTEE bankrupcy. Bad move as an investor. Bad bad move. Why would you do such a thing?
    As for speculating what Echostar might pay, I would think it would be as low as they can. Market cap at .06 per share is 210,000,000. Add in the debt that must be paid and divide by 3.5 billion shares and you'll have the answer?

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    My adv. is .31 I would be more then satisfied with .50...I started at $2.37 Lets hope thats the intensions here! And it works.....

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    If Ergen indeed attemps a take over, y'all will get shares of SATS:

    I'd say, 50 SIRI to 1 SATS ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siriusowner View Post
    If Ergen indeed attemps a take over, y'all will get shares of SATS:

    I'd say, 50 SIRI to 1 SATS ?
    I sure hope so. That comes to $.315 based on on SATS closing price of $15.75. That's below my avg of $.51 but I can live with that. Also SATS has been pounded like everything else so it should see some upside when the economy recovers

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