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Thread: Mel K (Hero or goat)

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    Demian, that was good, I loved it.

    homer985, that was exactly what I was thinking also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demian View Post
    I have got some inside information and Ergen's only motivation is because he wants to control this particular sat dish. My sources familiar with the situation say that he is prepared to go to any links to get it....

    If you want to know what kind of guy Charlie is. Do a google search for dishnetwork NDS hack.

    Or go through the archives at

    Long story short as far as I can recall there was a ton of corporate espionage between DTV and Dishnetwork. These guys don't play by the same rules as the rest of us. Take this for example.


    The following year, in 1998, NDS went looking for more smart card expertise and contacted brilliant German hacker Boris Floricic. Known as “Tron” in the computer underground, Floricic was the author of a well-regarded research paper about reverse engineering smart card technology.

    A few weeks later, in October of 1998, Floricic was found dead, hanging from a tree in a Berlin park. The death was ruled a suicide by authorities — a ruling many hackers reject.

    There has never been any assertion that NDS was somehow involved in the death. But the fact that Floricic’s father found a letter from NDS in his son’s belongings indicated the company’s willingness to consult the computer underground for security expertise. The incident also shocked the hacker community, which wondered if computer curiosity could now have deadly consequences."

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    Quote Originally Posted by john View Post
    Demian, that was good, I loved it.

    homer985, that was exactly what I was thinking also.
    John, it's a tough position for Sirius to be in... I have no idea what to think about tonights news. Perhaps its for real; perhaps its a precaution in case whatever else they're working on falls through; perhaps its a hand that Sirius is playing to force Ergen's hand... I don't know.

    What I do know, tomorrow it crashes hard. Don't take this as a recommendation from me, but if it goes under $0.05 -- I make pick up a few thousand shares. Why? Just as a gamble... we're all gambling men, right? So a few hundred bucks for a few thousand shares... why not. That's nothing compared to what I had put and taken out of XM in the past.

    If it fails, I will likely get the money back by canceling both of my XM subs and canceling my DISH service. AT&T UVerse is moving in to my area anyhow -- and it will be all the motivation I need to cancel both services and move on.

    Then I sign up to one of the many shareholder lawsuits that will be filed against the company... and I won't have to have lived through all the expense and aggrevation that Hartleib went through... which BTW, I noticed he had the wrong name and firm for the group doing the bankruptcy filing... but I'm sure he/they have an excuse for that. Hmmmm....


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