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Thread: RBC: DOJ nearly ready to make ruling on XM-Sirius deal

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    RBC: DOJ nearly ready to make ruling on XM-Sirius deal


    What is your take on this story?

    Good news for Sirius longs RBC is correct.


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    Hopefully we see more analysts follow. I know Tyler always has the lowdown on the analyst reports.

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    My take is that someone already knows what the DOJ is going to do with the stock being up between 5-8% on the day.

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    The hurdles are being cleared

    This is a positive development, and each day that passes brings us closer to seeing a decision made.

    The ball is once again in the court of the DOJ.

    Next step - The shareholder meeting date
    Tyler Savery
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    Tyler - Thanks so much for posting the analyst report excerpts. I hope Merrill, Bear Stearns and the rest follow-up with their reports soon.

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