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Thread: Sportster 2 problem

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    Sportster 2 problem

    Sportster 2 is a great radio. But ran into a problem. The radio functions correctly but the background lights do not work properly. If I manually squeeze the radio and dock together to ensure a tighter connection, the lights work. Without the squeeze, the lights do not function. Is there something I can do to make the connection better? do you think the docking station or the radio is the problem?
    thanks for any insights

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    clean the contacts

    Use a cue tip and isopropinal alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
    use very little soulution just wet the cue tip and gentley wipe the contacts this should fix your problem. if not do what i do too keep the powerplug in, use one of those long black car ties but if u do that u probly should leave the unit in th docking station. and when u tighten the tie don't make it too tight or the radio will bend and break the contacts on the dock.

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