Charles, if you have a problem with me because you think I am picking on you. Then first of all dont start with the PERSONAL insults because you are usaully the one that starts that. Second dont try to argue with me when you are on the wrong side of the arguement. Now if you feel the need to ban me, that just proves you are a small minded man, that if you cant defend a opinion, then you will just ban the opposing person making it. That speaks volumes about your character. Finally dont send me a personal Email telling me you dont like that I am picking on you and if I dont stop then you are going to ban me. Be a man and put it up here to let people see just what kind of character you have.

Like I said before to clueless, you may run this site, you dont run my life.

P.S. We will see what kind of man you are on weather you remove this thread or not. That also gos with me. Because dont give me the bullshit, I have seen much worse from many others to others. You are just mad because it is you that cant take the heat. By the way you may feel like a big man because the site now gets 10,000 visits but I was here in the begining and helped spread the word to help get you those. (crfceo did alot of the rest of it by spreading the word at the YAHOO message boards) But you keep up with that ego and see if people keep coming.