Is anyone else having trouble with their signal in the downtown Phoenix area? It seems that the Sirius Repeater in the area has either been taken out of service (budget decision?) or is malfunctioning. I have had a Sirius radio in my office for over 3 years now and have never had a signal problem because there is a signal repeater in downtown Phoenix (I know there is one because I can pick up the signal in my car while it is in the parking garage). For the last week or so, my office radio (S50) has kept indicating 'acquiring signal' and has not been recording Howard (even though I have north facing windows, there is a mirrored film on the outside and there is a tall building to the northeast of me). My car is also no longer picking up the signal in the parking garage. Does anyone know if the Phoenix downtown repeater will be repaired/replaced?

I realize that I can use the online option, but I can't record/pause Howard using the online feed and my S50 will be useless at the office. I usually record the East Coast feed so that when I get into work I can start listening from the beginning of the show.