First of all, this forum is great for a new sirius subscriber, so thank you! I
spent 3 frustrating hours on the phone with customer service at Sirius, and all 3 CSRs gave me different answers. I felt like I knew more than they did on their products. They should just tell their customers to go to this website.

I just bought a stiletto 2 based on everything I heard / read rather than a new Ipod. So far I love it, except for reception in my house. So I looked into the home docking kit and it seems to be a good product based on a few customer review I read on Amazon and Best Buy. As far as I can tell, in order to get better reception for my stiletto, it has to be docked and hooked up to the antenna physically. Am I understanding how it works correctly?

I also saw what looked like a wireless signal device called an Echo Home Signal Repeater System on the Sirius website. Based on what I can see, it works like a Wi-Fi router for satellite signal in your house, but still have to plug in an antenna receiver to a radio or a dock.
- Can my stiletto, since it has an internal antenna built in, pick up the signal wirelessly, like it can with the Wi-Fi router for the internet radio?

If not, is there a product that will just boost the satellite signal inside of my home wirelessly so that I can walk around anywhere in my house and listen to satellite radio on my stiletto, rather than having it docked in one location?

Main reason is that I bought the stiletto to listen to mainly using headphones, not docked and played through a stereo system. Also, I'd like to be able to save songs with the Love button when I hear a good song while active in my house or hear an NFL game while wearing a headset in my basement as I work out. You can't do these things using the internet radio.

Any helpful information would be great.