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Thread: Daily Market Watch - Week of 2/2/09

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    Quote Originally Posted by dread View Post
    I agree with ya Tripp, if what Senator Jon Kyl said is true and not minced,
    then thats where our tax dollars are going. We need to see the details and breakdown of this bill.

    I guess we should start a thread in politics to figure out were this money is going. I know the 2m for the water park in Florida was all over CNN and your favorite FOX, I think they removed that pork from the bill.

    But this bailout is riddled with special interest spending, and we the tax payers need to figure out were it is going.
    Yes, this bailout is riddled with special interest spending and that is my point, anyway, that I want to know where it is going.

    The water park did get axed, but how about the walking trails so you can feed squirrels and chipmunks?

    Now, I want to ask, where did you come up with all of the gay/transgender/etc. etc...stuff? I would love to read that! Err, not cause I am gay, because I am not. But I would like to know about it.

    I realize that one of the first bills that Obama signed was to include abortion for foreign countries at our expense, so I am not surprised about spending for gays and gay education. I would like to see the documentation that you are speaking of, for my own education. I would appreciate it.

    I was asking Tripps where all of this info is and apparently neither of us has the breakdown. He is waiting for and I am waiting to see what the breakdown really is. The more info the better, but not like the info on Echostar, lol, my brain is burned out with all the articles that say the same thing...Arghhh!

    Tell me..please....anybody....why would a person be so emotional with a stock that they live and die for it? I know that lots have large investments, but for people below 50,000, why dedicate your life to this? This is less than a postage stamp stock. What is the compelling factor to hang? If a guy can buy BAC or any other good stock, why would they bet their ass on SIRI for a dollar by the end of the year? To get a dollar a share by the end of the year? Christ, I just don't get it. You make more than that on a daily basis. What is the point that I am missing? Please tell me.

    I just don't get it. I admit that I am dense, but why sacrifice all for SIRI? Is that a dumb question?

    If I had Ray's or Tony's shares I would bleed little dark dogs with a star in its eye, but I don't, so that is my reasoning.

    Please help me understand this...........Maybe I am really missing the point.

    But most of all, respect and love me in the morning, lol!

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