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Thread: SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 2/02/09

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    Quote Originally Posted by trippingthespeculatingpos View Post
    yes that is the problem with these articles no clue if they are reliable.
    Thats it!! I have had enough of this crap!!! These people that are pumping out these articles make me sick!!!!

    I will wait until Mel comes out and makes it official.
    In the meantime I will just ignore these bogus speculators!!! Or should we just call them the NAB!!!

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    yeah I suppose! Im sick and tired of all the negativity, some good news would be nice ahahha!

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    These articles are just killing me. How could they have all of this insider infomation...i mean BS! My brothers,uncle's, friend told his hairdresser that he heard get the point. They have to have a hidden agenda or Mel's got a major leak in his negotiations.

    Either way, it's killing me. Have too much cash on the line for this crap!

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    Forgot to put ya'll in there also.

    This crap sucks!!!!

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    yeah, mel needs to make a statement plz, im still confident in them dealing with feb debt but he needs to combat this stuff if it isnt true.

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    Where do they get that Siri does not have enough cash for Feb debt? 350ish end of 3rd qtr, best of for 3 month's, improved guidance of 100M in decreased loss(something like that), all of the new cash from lifetime subs, etc. Don't get it. Is this how WSJ always works? If so, why does anyone even read this crap? Esp if they always turn out to be wrong!

    My unsophisticated guess is 500-550M!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dread View Post
    Just set your limit order high enough, just in case of a reverse split. I have mine set at 15.00, and GTC, Every couple months it expires, and I just reactivate it.

    Still won't stop the naked shorts, and the SEC is a joke, but who knows!!

    Good luck this week everyone!!! Maybe we will get some good news.
    Dead: If a reverse split happens (or any other material event, such as when the merger happened) all pending orders are automatically canceled. No need to adjust an order because you are scared of a RS.

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    I think it becomes more frustrating when this nonsense comes out and we haven't heard anything official from the company on their plans. I'm trying to ignore these pieces until Sirius officially comments on what is going on, but is difficult to ignore all the crap that comes out.

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