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Thread: Circuit City now 40% off audio devices

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    Circuit City now 40% off audio devices

    If Sirius/XM devices are included, we may get a sub boost here. This may actually be a good thing to clear out all the old inventory & start fresh with Best Buy and the newer devices.

    I will check this weekend in the Corcuit city near me, but I do know last week everything was markd down 10%, Sirius XM devices included, even the new XMP3. If 40% off, I may just be tempted to buy and replace my Inno.

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    Last week everything was 10% for the most part. I got a direct connect for 30% off. May have to go back and see what they have

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    the XMP3 is $229 at my local store, down to the display model though

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    I was at my local CC today and the Sat. devices were 20% off.

    Good point that this could boost subs a bit.

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