This is way off topic, but reading the news today made me once again look at a potential investment into Hasbro (HAS).

Mattel (MAT) today announced their THIRD recall on toys made in China. After the second recall I did some initial digging and found that Hasbro is in direct charge of quality control and inspection. They have not been impacted by the recall.

Being a parent, I pay attention to toys and recalls simply because it is something parents do. Seeing a third recall has made me decide to jump into Hasbro. Mattel has emptied shelves due to the recalls a few times now, and that has to be good for Hasbro (at least one would think this is the case).

The chart clearly shows Mattels dip, and for some reason Hasbro got caught up in it as well. In my opinion, Hasbro got taken down by someone else's bad news.

In disclosure, I am planning on getting into Hasbro tomorrow. Hopefully it pans out. Anyone else have some input?