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Thread: President Bush has catlike reflexes

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    President Bush has catlike reflexes

    You guys may have seen this video of an Iraqi journalist throwing a shoe at President Bush during a recent news conference but, I think its funny that no major news organization is noting President Bush's ability to dodge that shoe. I mean, for an older guy, he can still move. That friggin thing was whizzing.
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    Where the hell was the secret service? I mean come on, should that guy have been able to get off two shots? I would like to think that by the time a guy goes to take off his second shoe that he would have already been tackled.

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    It's pathetic the lack of respect from people around the world for our country and our politicians who are so corrupt.

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    That is too funny. I thought the exact same thing, he dodged that really well and barely flinched. I would have assumed there was a bomb in it and dived for the deck. I'm no fan of W's but you have to give credit where it's due. The Iraqi PM was so slow, he didn't even think to react, he would have gotten nailed.

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