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Thread: other Satellite & my thoughts

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    other Satellite & my thoughts

    I was surfing and found from March 2007 that slacker said they had a satellite system worked out to deliver to cars. Does anyone know what happened with that, I gave up looking, all the info dies off at speculation...

    Also, I didn't want to hide from the truth that there is competition so I went to their site, and I want to vent that I tried Slacker for a little bit and was frustrated with having to set sh!t up and the music selection was tired. Even if I paid for a subscription with unlimited skipping I can tell I would be skip skip skip all the time. which would be bad for my generally obsessive behavior. It seems like it could integrate with sirius xm someday, or be a feature of sirius xm, but stand alone I think they both fill a different need. Just my initial thoughts.

    I think Sirius XM has much better talent. I'm sticking with Sirius XM and Im sure a lot of people will.
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    You don't have to skip anything. You can program your own custom channel (even with the free service) which will only play the artists you chose. The best part is that they play live and demo tracks so you hear stuff that you would never hear on any kind of radio. I setup my own station in about 3 minutes with 20 of my favorite artists 6+ months ago and I RARELY ever skip a song.

    Slacker owns when it comes to music... hands down. Not to mention they have an iPhone app.

    Sure Sirius XM has better content but that stuff isn't for everyone. All I know is that none of my friends listen to talk radio... its music all the way and because of that, they don't need a service like Sirius XM. Just my 2 cents.
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