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Thread: other Satellite & my thoughts

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    other Satellite & my thoughts

    I was surfing and found from March 2007 that slacker said they had a satellite system worked out to deliver to cars. Does anyone know what happened with that, I gave up looking, all the info dies off at speculation...

    Also, I didn't want to hide from the truth that there is competition so I went to their site, and I want to vent that I tried Slacker for a little bit and was frustrated with having to set sh!t up and the music selection was tired. Even if I paid for a subscription with unlimited skipping I can tell I would be skip skip skip all the time. which would be bad for my generally obsessive behavior. It seems like it could integrate with sirius xm someday, or be a feature of sirius xm, but stand alone I think they both fill a different need. Just my initial thoughts.

    I think Sirius XM has much better talent. I'm sticking with Sirius XM and Im sure a lot of people will.
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