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Thread: Outlook for Ford?

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    Outlook for Ford?

    Curious what folks think the future holds for Ford Motor Company? Again today, there's articles saying they've already got what they need from the Gov't back last Fall and should see some progress come the 2nd half of '09.

    Is this a stock that should be bought long, or avoided at all costs?


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    i think its a good deal long, i mean come on its ford, its one of those american staples that people should be buying at this price. That being said anything is possible. I dont own any ford, have been thinking about it though.

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    Ford closed today at $1.94, off of it's 52 wk low of $1.
    GM closed today at 3.34, off of it's 52 wk low of $1.70.

    The 2009 outlook is quite gloomy. Is the worst built in to these predictions? Will the economy turn around during 2009 and help the automakers? I think they will. I think the bottom is forming, and towards the end of 2009 we will see a huge rise in the economy and the market. The OEMs will see this rise as well. Ford has always been the best positioned of the automakers, and I see no reason why this would stop now. I think Ford could definately see some great action this year.

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