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Thread: Of the 20 million subs.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newman View Post
    Just out of curiosity Demian: Why do you pay for the Sirius internet stream when you can get it for free from XM? (until March, of course)
    For the upgraded higher bit rate.......

    You can get the lower bit rate internet stream from SIRI for free too if you are a subscriber BTW...
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    I'm pretty sure they are counting the 6 month subs that are paid and would guess that they contribute a substantial portion of the churn.

    BTW: I have 5 subs. One for me, one for my wife, one as a christmas gift to my brother, one for my business that my four employees and I listen to while working and one which I have lent to a down-and-out friend who got a unit for X-mas and just gave it back. I am lending to another to (hopefully) snag another convert. After that I'll use it in my office or home someplace.

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    Your a very generous man...Good Luck & prosperity to you!

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