I recently celebrated my 30th birthday this week. The wife and I had a group of friends over at our place for cocktails and munchies. SiriusXM was providing the background music through the 64bit internet stream over my computer’s surround sound system. In other words, low quality audio, but great content. Naturally, SiriusXM became a topic of one of our conversations and the company will be getting an additional subscriber simply because of my get-together.

I shared this story because many of us on this board, and others like it, spend an awful lot of time complaining, analyzing, and praying over the company’s stock. After listening to the most recent SiriusBuzz show, Charles talked about how SatRad made much of their inroads due to viral marketing.

As some of the most loyal subscribers and shareholders, as we are, let’s get this train moving. Go buy a new SiriusXM t-shirt from the online store, ask your buddies at work if they heard Howard’s show today, throw a bumper sticker on your car (EBay), give the gift of Sirius for birthdays.

A couple years from now, this company has the potential to look a lot different than it does today. The refinancing will come, double digit growth will continue, and we’ll be out of this recession.

Put a 20 multiple on 2012 earnings and I’m buying the first round at THAT SiriusBuzz meet-and-greet.

- Jason