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Thread: Bankruptcy, yes or no?

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    Bankruptcy, yes or no?

    Who out there believes bankruptcy is a REMOTE or NON-EXISTANT possibility, and please explain why you think so, AND who out there believes bankruptcy is a virtual CERTAINTY (and please explain why).

    Thanks to all

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    Do not ever in your life do the Title like this again unless its true. I damn near had a stroke.

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    I really dont think this one is gonna really benifit anyone....If you want to know the pros and cons go back and read all the pryor post and articals....but we are just getting to feel warm and fuzzy again and here you come! Its gonna stir up alot of BS. I have 35000 reasons why I wont believe it will!

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    No Bankruptcy.......

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    We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    There's an elephant in the room. We might as well
    look it straight in the eye. Approx. $170M debt is due in not
    too many days, the stock is at .11, and my beloved
    company of which I own 40K shares, is kind of keeping me
    in the dark. I trust Mel, I love Sirius. I'm not looking
    for doom and gloom here, but solid reasons from people
    who know this company and this stock, as to where
    we're going. Believe me, at these prices, at the price
    it's at now, were I certain of no demise, I'd load up
    with another 40k shares.


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    SShhhhh!! Hartleib1 is lurking around the forums!!!


    Yeah, try not to post threads with that title around here LOL!!!

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    I was asking the same question myself. I'm all in, and the emotional part is behind me.

    When specifically is the Feb debt due? I've seen various days throughout the month.

    Personally, without any facts to back it up, with today's economy, I don't see them making the payment.

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    How many of the additional shares do they have left ? If they still have around 3 billion, no, they will not declare BK in FEB...maybe not even MAY if the stock is still trading around 10 cents by then (At least I wouldn't let the company go BK if I had that many shares with me).

    Then they will have 7 months to figure out something for the DEC debt. Maybe the economy will cut them a break...who knows.

    The bad news is ? The damn issue will still trade in the cents for all 2009 if they continue issuing freshly minted shares. The good news is, the company will not have to worry about the 1 billion debt in 2010.

    In any case, the glass is still half empty !!! (I know, I know...)

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    No indeed....

    Financing will come through from JP Morgan by March, double digit growth and ++++ financials (when everyone else is turning in wretched earnings/revenue) and a service that is too valuable for too many folks to lose.


    SiriusOwner-I have no charts/theorems or alternative data to back me here, so let me have it!!


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    hey nisvan, i dont think bankruptcy is in the cards, If you look at all the recent moves they have made it does not seem like a company who is planning bk. That being said its still a possibility.

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