Got it for $19 and it arrived OVERNIGHT!

The FM Modulation is HORRIBLE.

I have a BMW 530i and the antenna is in the rear windshield.

My old Sirius One unit would pump through 88.7 like a trooper, now I literally hear "STATIC"

Is this thing putting out half the wattage on FM Modulation?

Part two to this question is, my Stereo has a 3.5mm A/V Jack. (For Video)

If I walk into J&R or Radio Shack (i'm downtown NYC right now) what exactly am I asking for if I want to use the 3.5mm audio out on the Stratus 5 to go in to my funky looking eliptical type of 3.5mm A/V Jack on my headunit?

It's a round circle but has a like a "tweak" on the end???