Ok....so here is the deal. I am brand new to the Satellite radio thing. My wife has a portable unit and I was going to install a module in my vehicle to get Sirius through the system.

I bought a module off of EBAY, activated it, but could not get it to work. I replaced cables, etc....so after a month or so, I cancelled that receiver because it did not work. I then ordered a new radio from a retailer. I got the module in yesterday, plugged it in....and my system was up and running. I called Sirius to start the new subscription to that radio (and apply the credit that I had on my account from the cancelled subscription)

Two hours later, I received a phone call from Sirius telling me that they were calling because I had cancelled a plan with them (a week prior)....and that if I would re-subscribe, I would get 2 months free as well as having my activation fee waved. I explained that I had just re-subscribed two hours earlier, but would like my account credited per the offer that they just made to me.

I was told that they could not do that because I had activated a NEW radio and not re-activated the old radio. I explained that the old one was broken and had to be replaced by a new radio. They said Iím sorry, but we cannot help you. So basically I messed up by re-subscribing on my own...I should have waited for the begging call from Sirius first? Who would have known?

So now....I have had a day to think about this and it is pi$$ing me off. As a new subscriber....I have been VERY disappointed with Sirius so far. I am ready to cancel the entire service.

Does anyone think it would do any good to call them back and complain about this? What about email instead of a phone call? Has anyone had success asking to speak to a supervisor?

Your thoughts?