As predicted, a monopoly in sat radio is bad for consumers. A monopoly means higher prices and that is just what Sirius XM is going to do. Increase prices for our extra convenience radios. So I will be canceling at least one of them. Have to send a message.

You want to increase my two extra radios by $2.00 each or $4.00 a month, then you are going to lose one of the extra radios meaning you'll end up with less cash as a whole. If everyone started doing that, they would learn that you don't raise prices in a recession and raising prices may actually have the effect of lowering your revenue.

So as soon as they send out the increase notices, cancel one of your radios if you have multiple radios. Don't pay for on-line listening. Get an Internet radio for listening to the 10,000+ free Internet radio stations out there.

Fight back people, don't let them take more of your money!