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Thread: XMP3 Owners Thread

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    Post XMP3 Owners Thread

    Welcome all Pioneer XMP3 owners! Please post experiences, questions and suggestions here.

    I started this thread because for one, this little thing is expensive and its tough to spend that kind of money without hearing experiences from current owners.

    Allow me to start, I have searched all over and can't confirm answers to my following questions:

    1. Does the XMP3 have a built in FM transmitter to broadcast to a vehicles radio?
    answer: not in the player itself but it does in the car kit.

    2. Can you fast forward through recorded shows or do you have to start from the beginning every time and listen straight through?
    answer: yes, you can fast forward, rewind and pause recordings.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hey IMROMO, I just got mine today... I will try and send you an answer to your 2 questions this evening. I truly hope it has an FM transmitter. When I did my research before purchasing, I could have sworn I read that it DID have one.... now upon first glance of the manual, i see no mention of a transmitter!....

    I will survive I guess, if this is the case.....

    more to come


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    XMP3 Rebate

    Day 1 of waiting for the BIG EVENT....looks like there is a rebate for march

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    Major Review Alert:

    ok technical stuff first...opened it, plugged it in, went to settings and turned the backlight to go off after 1 minute (default is always on), then found and shut off auto record (read some people had issues with this feature deleting saved content)update:it doesn't delete saved content but rather the schedule to record content...and i don't think it mattered because I lost a schedule anyway, now I don't use the schedule feature for setting up reocurring recordings...i just use the menu to view programs and record that way, and the view program menu goes out several days), then signed up online and used coupon code XMSCION03 for free activation, after a few minutes the channels were loaded, I set up my stocks to scroll, change the ear buds to the smaller ones, messed with the eq (settled on Rock) now i use bass boost, be sure the buds are firmly in your ear and they have fantastic response...oh, and then downloaded the Firmware update.

    Now the Fun stuff...Let me first list the uses I had in mind for this product and the result so far..

    1. Listen in my North Facing Bedroom undocked without the external antennae.
    Result: Excellent. The built in antennae is direction sensitive, but it definitely works with near full bars from the satellite with the signal either coming through the roof or through up to 3 walls and the roof whichever direction the signal is coming through. This is probably my favorite by far. I can lay in bed and read while listening without the unit docked and that rules! Probably my biggest fear was that I couldn't do this and the recorded content was going to be my fallback, but no worries it works indoors, in a north bedroom!

    2. Listen in the yard while doing yardwork.
    Result:from the satellite it is Iffy. My first attempt proved that it is sensitive to being in a pocket when I'm moving around and my body blocks the satellites. I haven't put it to full use to know for sure, but it does seem possible to have it in a pocket. It cuts in and out a little but was not too bothersome. It seems that if it were on an armband or hip case that it may help. I walked around the North part of the yard and it picked up a signal as long as I was 10'+ away from the North wall. I think this product will suit my needs just fine if for some reason I can't get a signal I will have 100 hours of recorded content to switch to.

    3. Listen in the Car.
    Result: Not tested. This won't be any problem at all because I also purchased the car kit which will have an antennae on the roof. Will need to test the FM transmitter and report back. update: After running everything properly the transmitter does me just fine, although sometimes it get a little static. A direct line would be best.
    4. Walking around the house.
    Result: Ok. If I were switching rooms to go sit somewhere else it does pick up the signal but there are cutouts as I pass thicker parts of the house (perpendicular walls) although it does pick up the signal throughout the house for the most part, cool.

    5. Bike rides...or fishing...outdoor events:
    Result: Excellent. As long as im in view of the southern sky the built in antennae performs excellently.

    Con Notes:
    a. Con: It does not seem to restart on a "channel" record session (this is simply hitting record, then choosing length of time) if it loses the signal and then gets it back. I have read that a "scheduled" record will pick back up when the signal is obtained again but i have not tested it.
    b. Con: It doesn't start from where you left off in a recording (XM please fix this with a firmware update!) not a biggie though because the recordings seem to section themselves into songs or "scenes" of the show recorded, also holding fast forward progressively gets faster and faster to quickly flip through minutes at a time.

    Wow kick Ass Notes:
    1. Wow Kick Ass: I chose to record 4 channels at one time while listening to another channel. So in 10 minutes I have 40 minutes of content...1 hour = 4 hours, and 5 hours if I record the channel im listening to....Wow kick ass.
    2. Wow Kick Ass: If I hit rewind while listening to live XM it kicks into "replay" mode and I can rewind the currently playing channel BUT....see next
    3. Wow Kick Ass: After hitting the rewind button while listening to live xm it enters "replay mode" (shows at the top of the screen) I can then rotate the dial and choose any of the content of the most recently listened to channels
    4. Wow Kick ass: I just hit pause on a song I wanted to hear but I had to leave for a few minutes....and there it is waiting for me.
    5. Wow Kick ass: I set it up to scroll my stocks, nice!
    6. Wow Kick ass: ok, too many to keep going....heres some more,
    7 I can set up to record shows that are 4 days away!,
    8 the screen is bright and clear and color,
    9 It shows the time,
    10 scrolling through channels shows the songs playing on that channel,
    11 while flipping through channels it shows in red "recording" if your recording that channel.
    12 I can listen in the car, in bed, in the living room, in the yard all with live or recorded content, and I don't get any repeater bars, all satellite. (but yes it does cut out a bit when walking around, see LOCATIONS above for more info)

    All I can say is I wish I could listen to all of the channels at once!

    Questions, I'll answer...
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    I recorded 40 hours of content while i was sleeping...5 channels x 8 hours. sweet.

    Been listening at work with my better better headphones...sound better than the ones that came with it. update:i don't know if the headphones needed a break in period or what but they sound great now, I listen to classical music at night and the sound is phenominal.
    Been listening to recorded content for 1 hour and the first bar came off the battery life (not plugged in) I'll update how long it takes to go dead...I figure i can always bring the homedock, although i bet it makes it most of the day, being off and on. update:I have listened to recorded content for 8 hours without a problem
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    Thanks for the update. My main concern is going to the gym and having to listen to recorded music. But really not a biggie if the reception is iffy!

    I am buying a new car this week, it will have a MP3 jack...can XMP3 plug into that jack, or will I need a car kit?

    I am considering either an XMP3 or OEM install. Portable has many more uses.

    BTW Can get either XM or Sirius at my local Toyota dealer!

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    Just: good thinking, still, strange that the radio needs the reciever...

    Quote Originally Posted by imromo24 View Post
    3. Listen in the Car.
    Result: Not tested. This won't be any problem at all because I also purchased the car kit which will have an antennae on the roof. Will need to test the FM transmitter and report back.
    Car kit works excellent. Unit charges, external antennae gets full bars, and LOW AND actually does have an FM transmitter (in the car kit cradle)

    This is interesting because no where can i find that this is an fact on the packaging it says "if you radio doesn't have an aux input you will need the following...tape deck adapter or sirius connect"

    I don't need either because the FM transmission is working just fine. WOW and WEIRD (that they don't really mention this) maybe its a secret feature that they were supposed to eliminate ala the FCC (so, shh keep it quiet).
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    Backyard Boogie...

    What a wonderful day lounging in the backyard listening to the XMP3 on headphones....

    Excellent feature of the XMP3: One movement of the round dial brings up the station you're listening to, and the two closest stations, and what they are playing. So if you want to just check real quick to see if something better is playing...its real easy to do.

    And check this out....Yes, my signal fades out when I get closer to the house (ie to check the grille) because the backyard faces north. Well, i realized today all i have to do is set my second favorite channel to record while Im listening to my favorite, and then when the signal fades out i switch over to the last half hour of content recorded on the second channel. sweet.

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    Well I'm pretty aggrivated that my xmp3 has the same problems as my Pioneer Airware unit did that was two or three generations older. I got XM a few years ago so I could listen to Opie and Anthony. Not everyones cup of tea I know but the point is they still have the same stupid problems as the old airware units had. That problem is programmed recording. My old Airware unit was only capable of recording a total of five hours so I would set it to record the show everyday from 6:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. On average of five days of recording, I would get maybe three days of the full five hours of the show and the other two days I might get 40 minutes one day or sometimes it just wouldn't record at all. My remote antenna has a constant strong signal btw. Now fast forward two years and I decided it was time to upgrade and get the xmp3 so I could record more than one day of show content and not have to erase it so I could record the next days show. well I just got it last week and had to travel this week for three days so I thought great... I can record the show for three days and come home and have 15 hours of content to listen to. WRONG. Get home and take the unit out of the cradle and checked "recorded content". Didn't record Monday at all, recorded about an hour worth of the show on Tuesday and about the same on Wednesday. Double checked my programming and sure enough..record everyday from 6:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M channel 202. Can someone explain to me why a twenty year old VCR can record everyday at a certain time and this piece of crap can't?

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    Scheduled around

    "scheduled recordings" are when you choose to record a channel and time, with the option of daily, weekly or today.

    I was reading about the "Scheduled recording" malfunction if you will and it does seem to happen to me. This is found (while listening live) go to

    1. menu, then hit xm button on first menu option
    2. scroll to scheduled recordings, hit xm button
    3. There you can choose to add "scheduled" recordings

    I have discovered that this is not reliable.

    WORK AROUND: The best way to schedule a recording is to go to that channel individually and hit the "OPTION" button. Then scroll to programs. Pick the program that you want to record. TIP: you can also do this by rotating the wheel while listening live, without changing the channel you can scroll to the channel you want to record...then hit the "OPTIONS" button, scroll to programs and choose the program to record.

    Hopefully a firmware update is released to fix this bug that deletes the scheduled recording.

    Hope this helps....programs go out 5 days so this is still very convenient.
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