I am curious as to why people get so mad about bad Sirius XM news being reported. As investors I would think that having all of the potential news should be useful to us all so, why is it that people continue to bash people who have been correct in the past and those who post valid points of views now?

For instance, today people jumped all over me for writing an article about how Sirius XM's marketing and direction is sub par (at best) and people call me an idiot. I know those same people in their heart of hearts agree with me and have even said so in various post around the net.

So, again I ask, why the hostility? The news is bad, I am not bad. Don't get mad at me for reporting the sad state that Sirius XM is in.

When the news is good, I write about it just the same... and you know what happens then? People call me a pumper. I know there are some passionate fans and shareholders that come here but, you can't have it both ways guys.