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Thread: non-US resident problem

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    Question non-US resident problem


    I live in Czech Republic, Europe. I would like to have an internet radio subscription. I called the "international orders line" few times and finally, they told me that there is no way to have an account if I haven't got a US address. First, the operator told me that I can create an account using some fake address. I've tried..but then the Credit Card verification simpy fails.

    So, now I can either buy some virtual Credit Card with US billing address or, and that's why I post this, share an account with somebody who's not using the online radio, only the satellite one - for such people, the HQ online stream costs only 3$/month. I offer paying $8/month via PayPal to anybody who provides me with a working online account info.
    Is anybody interested?

    Have a nice day!

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    The problem here is that you would have access to my account. You could order,cancel, my subs or completely hose my account and credit. Sorry no takers here.

    If you are genuine with your request, try to get a P.O Box no. or contact XM Canada, maybe they will help out. If you have friends/family in the US then I would talk to them and see if you can use there address. Then just switch your credit card address and go paperless with your card bills.

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    Scam alert

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    If it makes any difference, an IP search does reveal the IP address is from Czech

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    Ok, so if someone gives this guy their account info, they would be able to log into your account and access your billing info etc..

    Sounds dangerous...

    Isn't Sirius/Xm available to anyone who wants to subscribe around the world anyway? I remember hearing that there were many online subs in New Zealand.....

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