Courtesy of TSS-Radio

This thread should be your first stop if you are experiencing missing recordings, radio replay problems or general device issues with your SL2.

To ensure general stability and reduce most of the memory related issues please read these steps below.

a.) Check to make sure your SL2 has the latest ZAP. To find out what version you have, navigate to Settings >> Device >> Device Info. If your software is not up-to-date simply connect your radio to Internet Radio for about an hour and it will be downloaded. You will get a notice on your screen when the update is complete.

b.) Do not use your SL2 as an archive device and try to avoid using your internal memory over 50% for the time being. If you do a lot of recordings it's also advised to disable Radio Replays.

c.) Perform a Full Shutdown of your SL2 at least once a month by holding the power button down for 10 seconds. If you do a lot of recordings it's advised to perform a shutdown weekly or more for best results. This will flush the system, clean up and remove old and expired recordings/replays and reduce general screen lag. For some this simple step has eliminated missing recordings all together. (I know I have posted this over and over but even yesterday another DRC member read the tip for the first time and it completely eliminated their SL2 issue)

When updating your device software via Internet Radio or My Sirius Studio (MSS) it's best to remove your microSD card. Anytime you remove your microSD card you should perform a Full Shutdown first and NOT remove it while the device is in Sleep Mode.

e.) When using Radio Replays it's best to try to record them in small blocks of time, say 2-3 hours each. If you want 10 hours of your favorite music channel simply change the channel briefly every 2 hours or so and it will start another block of Replays for that same channel.

When you have very large Replays stored and then record several long shows (like Howard) the device has difficulty properly removing the Replay which results in you needing to do a Reset & Erase or Device Recovery to fix the problem.

Finally, SL2 owners should not consider the radio's *internal memory* to be a "permanent" storage device. The recording features are meant more as a time-shifting feature and is not intended to be used to save shows indefinitely.

If you have read this post you are most likely having problems with your Stiletto 2. The information above should resolve just about any issue you could experience with the device. If you are still experiencing problems with your SL2 after following the steps above we have one final option called the Device Recovery Procedure. This is an absolute last resort and needs to be performed properly.