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Thread: Stiletto 2 Help Thread - Solutions for the most common SL2 issues

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    Lightbulb Stiletto 2 Help Thread - Solutions for the most common SL2 issues

    Courtesy of TSS-Radio

    This thread should be your first stop if you are experiencing missing recordings, radio replay problems or general device issues with your SL2.

    To ensure general stability and reduce most of the memory related issues please read these steps below.

    a.) Check to make sure your SL2 has the latest ZAP. To find out what version you have, navigate to Settings >> Device >> Device Info. If your software is not up-to-date simply connect your radio to Internet Radio for about an hour and it will be downloaded. You will get a notice on your screen when the update is complete.

    b.) Do not use your SL2 as an archive device and try to avoid using your internal memory over 50% for the time being. If you do a lot of recordings it's also advised to disable Radio Replays.

    c.) Perform a Full Shutdown of your SL2 at least once a month by holding the power button down for 10 seconds. If you do a lot of recordings it's advised to perform a shutdown weekly or more for best results. This will flush the system, clean up and remove old and expired recordings/replays and reduce general screen lag. For some this simple step has eliminated missing recordings all together. (I know I have posted this over and over but even yesterday another DRC member read the tip for the first time and it completely eliminated their SL2 issue)

    When updating your device software via Internet Radio or My Sirius Studio (MSS) it's best to remove your microSD card. Anytime you remove your microSD card you should perform a Full Shutdown first and NOT remove it while the device is in Sleep Mode.

    e.) When using Radio Replays it's best to try to record them in small blocks of time, say 2-3 hours each. If you want 10 hours of your favorite music channel simply change the channel briefly every 2 hours or so and it will start another block of Replays for that same channel.

    When you have very large Replays stored and then record several long shows (like Howard) the device has difficulty properly removing the Replay which results in you needing to do a Reset & Erase or Device Recovery to fix the problem.

    Finally, SL2 owners should not consider the radio's *internal memory* to be a "permanent" storage device. The recording features are meant more as a time-shifting feature and is not intended to be used to save shows indefinitely.

    If you have read this post you are most likely having problems with your Stiletto 2. The information above should resolve just about any issue you could experience with the device. If you are still experiencing problems with your SL2 after following the steps above we have one final option called the Device Recovery Procedure. This is an absolute last resort and needs to be performed properly.

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    Thanks for the tips. Before I attempt a device recovery I'd like to know if anyone is experiencing the problems I'm having with my SL2.

    Often times when I record shows using the scheduler everything records fine. However, when I navigate to listen to those shows later on by surfing through my library I encounter problems. For example, i currently have my SL2 setup to record the 6 hour West Coast feed of the HSS weekly. The show records properly but seems to lose prior day shows. Or at the least the SL2 is pointing to different files. For example, I can listen to yesterday's 01/19/09 show by clicking on the Ch 101 01/19/09 file and it plays fine. But when I choose to listen to the 01/16/09 HSS it plays the 01/19/09 show or some other file that I recorded (sometimes it goes to a loved song that was saved). Often times it starts up at a random spot in the middle of the show or toward the end of the wrap up show. If I navigate back to the file in the library and try to select the 01/16/09 show it sometimes starts playing an entire new file saved (the most current HSS or even a loved song). Bottom line, unless I'm selecting the current days HSS, when I choose a saved recording of a channel I do not know what will play. The same case goes for when I've recorded a 3 hour block of the 80's channel. It's the only 80's channel block I have saved and often times it does not play when surfing through the recently recorded sirius recordings and choosing it.

    Any advice or do I bite the bullet and do a complete erase. My SL2 updates are current.

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    You need to free up some memory and try to not to save more then one week of shows at a time... or at the very least keep your recordings (including Replays) under 50% for the time being.

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    That's just it though. The internal memory is around 15% and it still screws up the recordings. I did find out that if I deleted the current day's show that recorded, the prior day's show comes back.

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    That's very strange. Don't forget that Radio Replays do not show up in that memory percentage as they fill unused space. So you want to factor those hours into your percentage of memory use.

    I would try performing a Full Shutdown prior to your next scheduled recording and see if that helps any.

    I would also disable Radio Replays and delete your current ones to see if that fixes the issue with your scheduled recordings.

    If these two solutions fail you are going to want to do a Reset & Erase (not a Device Recovery) under the Settings Menu.

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    Yeah, I currently have nothing showing in the radio replays, although it does it is activated. In fact, the radio replay recordings are iffy at best. Often times it does not store them.

    I've tried powering down the unit. Taking out the microsd card and battery. Nothing has worked. I have about an hours worth of loved songs on there that I'll obviously lose when I do the reset and erase. At this point I don't know what else to try besides that.


    Lastly, another issue I thought of. Every once in a while I'll be listening to a channel such as 80's and I'll select the love button and sometimes it records the song and sometimes the recording option menu pops up asking how long of a block I want to record.

    These problems are very frustrating.

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    I have been having issues with recording individual songs on my stiletto2 for some months now. Called Sirius and the clueless rep told me its the radio and sent a replacement. There has now been 3 radios sent to me and the problem still exists. I cannot record individual songs on certain channels. Does any one have info or solutions for this?

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    Which channels are you talking about? Sirius has several channels that will not allow you to "Love" songs but will allow you to schedule recordings. The Best of XM originally did not work either but they fixed the coding and my understanding is they work.

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    Did anyone ever get a straight Answer on this

    Sirius has sent me a replacement radio and offered to send another.

    They said they have never heard of this problem with the Stilleto 2. I find that strange as it is all over the internet.


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    2 problems

    1st problem

    Bought 16gb kingmax card and when i put about 4 or 5 gigs on it the card works fine and all files intact untill i do hard reboot after that the SL2
    says "sd card removed" nothing will bring it back even formating under windows the card wont show up on the SL2.(the data had to be overwritten and windows won't do it)

    the store says unit or card not sure and they replaced the card and the unit.

    same problem, but this time i only put 3 gigs on it and it was fine
    added 2 gig = just over 5 total no problem
    added one more and card crapsout at 6 gigs

    i found a formatter (
    that actually formatted it so that the SL2 would recognize the card.

    and now i have about 5.5 gigs on it and no more.

    Next Problem

    i have noticed that when tranfering files to the sd card the mp3 IDTAGs go into the sirius studio but not into the SL2 sometimes they do sometimes they don't, there doesnt seem to be any ryme or reason i can send 2 song and the id tags work fine then next transfer after that it wont send them the next time they send them.

    i tried using an mp3 tag editor and same thing some tranfers the tage get sent and some transfers they don't.

    i have made sure the album/title/artist ect
    isint too long 6char or less just too be sure no wierd char just letters i'm baffled.
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