Just purchased an 06 ram 1500 used, came with in dash nav pioneer unit Avic-d3, when the truck was purchased buy previous owner from dodge dealer it came with a package deal that included one year subscription of sirius radio service, which means the hardware for sirius had to have been installed right?? Ok, On my bmw which is no longer running I had a complete sirius system installed, but since that vehicle no longer works, and after learning the dodge has a unit already installed, I called to do a subscription transfer, old to new, but sirius says they cannot connect the signal for some odd reason. I am familiar with the hardware on the sirius unit, so I checked under the steering wheel in the dodge to see if I could physically find the sat unit, but did not see it, as well as the antenna cord that mounts on the roof. Unless if the unit was some how installed in the dash with the head unit somehow, Im starting to believe it may have been taken out of the dodge why?? ( no idea ) So im looking for good suggestion on what to do to get service or support???