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Thread: Zeros and Ones renamed "Boombox Radio???"

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    Thumbs down Zeros and Ones renamed "Boombox Radio???"

    Sirius is making a Big Deal out of "bringing boombox back" and "listneing to our subscribers" but this new announcement is complete BS. LiquidTodd has been doing his "Zeros and ones" show on Alt Nation for a while. But now they are just going to call it "Boombox Radio" and think nobody will notice that its just the same old show. Is Todd going to start playing breaks on Alt? Don't hold your breath.

    Hoorah for giving Icey a show on the Area channel but that is pretty much the only good news. Karmazan and that clown Zellner must think we will just give up and stop complaining (ooh thanks guys!!) but they are going to get an earful from me. This whole thing stinks. Backspin and the Strobe fans get there channels back but we get a name change and Icey for 60 minutes a week? COME ON.

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    yeah, I agree. Im getting sick of the nonsense too. they act like they are doing us all favors now with these lame attempts at squeezing in a couple hours a week of some desired unique music in to these otherwise boring FM clone like channels... and according to that easily silenced guy at siriuslyscrewed, didnt they say originally that when they brought back those 2 channels, that sirius listeners would only be losing that horrid pop2k channel? now the 15th is past and those 2 channels are back, and after finally getting cinemagic on sirius, they took it away for one of those channels to return... and is it just me, or is anyone else having a hard time believing that there was more people demanding the strobe back than boombox.... I mean.. dont get me wrong, I know disco has its fans, but Im pretty sure I personally saw A LOT more buzz about breaks needing a home.. I mean, if anything disco is probably a genre that COULD survive with a few 4 hour show once a week on saturday nights.

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    I agree, it's lame that they tried to play this off as the 'return of boombox'. I caught the new 'boombox show on alt21' by *chance* and it was great! Liquid Todd was playing all the classics from boombox I was almost in shock...He even apologized for all the confusion and even mentioned 'boombox 38 and how it 'used to be a show'.

    I had been drinking at the time but I seem to recall him making a comment/appeal at either the program director or the president of the company along the lines of 'maybe we'll get it back...we'll see' or something like that at the end of the broadcast. I think this was his hint at us to keep up the messages and phone calls. Please do not let this issue die.

    I'm going to call again tomorrow and I'm sending another message via the form on their website.

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    Boombox station

    I know I'm late to the conversation but I hope people are still trying to get Boombox back on Sirius. I haven't given up hope. It amazes me how many people are frustrated by this yet Sirius keeps so many other worthless stations around.

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