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Thread: Anyone catch 60 Minutes tonight.....

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    Anyone catch 60 Minutes tonight.....

    they had a segment on why there is unusual high volatility in oil prices. I will cut to chase, it named Morgan Stanley, Goldman Saks, Barclays and JP Morgan as the speculators and manipulators of oil prices. Surprised?

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    Yes i saw the show and it really proved the greed at any expense to **** the people who trusted them over the years. Especially guilty of this is goldman sux...the parasite brokers they are. They tried to destroy SIRI as well...but we will rise from their grasp.

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    I was working, but I did catch bits of it while on break. Morgan Stanley has storage for over 20 million barrels, and Goldman has it's own refinery.

    The report basically said that these two, with the help of others, helped to drive oil prices through the roof, which allowed them to take some huge money while selling their oil. Is that not a conflict of intersts?

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    sure sucks to be a common person,with the sec and other regulators protecting the little guys ass

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    You can watch the video of that 60 minutes report here...

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