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Thread: 50m+ sirixm units on the road today

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    50m+ sirixm units on the road today

    When will it make business sense to use testicale radio business model with sub model? Anyone have any idea total GROSS subs? For the millions that do not pay to sub why not give them 10 music channels for FREE with comercials? Increase rev from ZERO to $4-$5 on these none paying testicle loving listeners????? A few yrs ago advertisers would not consider this but now SIRIXM can come to them with possibly 100M potential listeners vs just a few million a couple yrs ago? Thoughts anyone?

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    Where are you getting your 50 million units number?

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    I just pulled the 50M+ number out of the air. It's nothing more then a guess.

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    A good thing regardless.....

    Well my humble take on this MiRGE intro is only this.....if SIRIUS has the cash to introduce this product (with all the R&D involved) and are this forward thinking in the revolutionizing of SATRAD (though others are bound to give me a ration of crap for that statement), then I feel VERY confident that there is not much of a chance of BK, less of a chance of RS/Dilution and I AM ECSTATIC ABOUT SIRI's FUTURE!!! Buying more each week....and no, I have no mathematical equations, theorems or business model analysis to back me up!!!!

    No one can bring me down!!! Just try.....


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    I remember mel saying it would take new technology to track listener habits to prove to adverts the time and number of listeners. this does not exist at this time.

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    TED: You are not far from the truth.

    The technology exists (in the form of patents, at least) where Sirius XM can do this with the current channels.

    The technology is an overlay technology. Basically at start up, the radio would check to see if you have an active subscription. If you do, you hear only music. If you do not, then it starts to download commercials. After a specified amount of time, instead of hearing a song, you get commercials overlayed.

    Let me use an example: I am an XM subscriber. You have a radio, but have not signed up as a subscriber. As the music is playing, all is right and good in the world. We are both rocking out to Stairway to Heaven. Now, the specified time limit has been reached. As my radio starts playing Let the Bodies Hit the Floor, your radio starts to play a WalMart commercial. After your WalMart commercial plays, a Sirius commercial starts up. "Tired of listening to these commercials? For as little as $4.99 per month, you could be listening to all of the same music, commercial free. Sirius XM Radio: The Best Radio On Radio." As Bodies starts winding down, you are finishing listening to a McDonalds commercial. At the exact same time, we both start hearing the same music again. It is seamless technology. I would never know that you are listening to commercials, and you would never know that I was listening to music, other than the commercial that told you I was.

    This technology would require new radios though. I think there is even the possiblity of having Sirius XM offer various entry points to this. With absolutely no subscription, you get 5 commercial breaks per hour, typically about 4 minutes each which comes to about 20 minutes of commercials per hour (typical of most terrestrial stations), or you could buy a partial sub, consisting of 2 commercial breaks per hour or about 8 minutes of commercials for something cheap, like $2.99, or get alacarte for $4.99 and have no commercials.

    The technology exists. The company just needs to utilize it.

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