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Thread: Plug-in to switch between Sirius and XM in the car

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    Plug-in to switch between Sirius and XM in the car

    A plug-in module to add XM or Sirius will also be shown in January for users who want to switch from one service to another.

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    Interesting concept. OEM is a piece of the pie, but as we know, retail is as impotant
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    The amount of choice hitting the car for audio entertainment is amazing. And it makes a ton of sense. About 100 million households in this country. About 230 million cars. Radio has a larger target market than TV. Its basically an outdoor media.

    Think about this - Right now in your car you can listen to terrestrial radio, HD Radio, Satellite radio, cell phone radio, ipods, Mp3 players and CDs. Internet radio in the car is not far away. It only makes sense that devices will be made to switch between all these various audio entertainment features in the car.

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