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Thread: Lifetime Subscription Or Not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rodder View Post
    Anyway, $299, done deal but I had to really work tp get that $100 off they advertise on the radio. Then they hammer me to buy a reconditioned XM radio to boot?
    Your lucky to get another $100 off the lifetime price. The add is yes for $100 off of the regular lifetime sub price, $499 Siri/XM everything, $599 Best of Siri/XM, so the $399 IS the "sale" price.

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    I purchased my Lifetime Subscription back in 2005 and it has already earned it's worth. I have used one radio swap recently and still have two to go which means I should be enjoying Sirius XM for at least another 15 years on this single subscription plan! Plus I added the Premium Internet stream which is absolutely amazing as far as sound quality is concerned. In fact it's superior to even the quality of the Sat. Rad. signal when it comes to music channels.

    I say that if your passionate about Sirius XM and love the content then the Lifetime Subscription is an excellent choice. That said, I would NOT use a Lifetime plan on my OEM vehicle radio but rather on a portable like the Stiletto 2.

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    Well, I received an interesting phone call today from a Sirius representative. They explained my "free" subscription would expire on Feb. 28 and it was time to re-new and/or subscribe. They informed me of their monthly, yearly and lifetime subscriptions and their respective rates. (Lifetime = $399.99)

    I quickly informed them that I was somewhat leary as to where Sirius was heading. Stock is down to around 12 cents per share and I wasn't sure if the company was going to survive or not. And, if someone were to buy them out, I wasn't so sure the new owner would agree to honor my subscription.

    Therefore, I offered the rep $299 for the lifetime subscription and she got a supervisor on the phone. I explained my concerns once again and stated for $299 I would take the gamble. She agreed!

    But, there was a gottcha ............... she couldn't finalize the "deal" because the computer system would not allow her to change from $399 to $299.

    Oh well, she tried! I simply told her I would wait closer to my expiration date to make a decision as to what I may do OR not do for that matter. I let her know if she could get the system to take the $299, call me back! She agreed ............. but it doesn't look real promising.
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