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Thread: Sportster in Explorer 2003 location?

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    Sportster in Explorer 2003 location?

    i m raelly worried about getting my sirius radio stolen right out of my car.
    i was just wondering if anybody has any good spots where i could place my unit out of anybodies eye and so i can feel better about leaving it in the car.

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    I put mine above the rear view mirror, between the visors.

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    I take mine outta the dock, even if I go into somewhere for a short time, I put it in my pocket, think about it tho, if they did steal it, it would be useless, unless they already had a dock w/ an antenna, if it was stolen couldn't you call and give your SID # and have it deactivated? just seems like a lotta trouble for a thief to go thur, stealing a Car Factory radio would be better, but, I hear with the new ones, they won't work, they will throw out a code that cost 100 bucks form the dealer if you want it to work, also, if it's stolen, what thief would even go thur all of that trouble..........
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