Anyone have any thoughts on Apple's recent changes to Itunes? From the Apple heads I know, the talk (no proof yet) is most of the past 3 decade's "good songs" will be 1.29 while only the eccentric stuff will be .69 cents. I don't see why people would still spend sooo much time screwing around with MP3s, downloading, backing up, categorizing, moving, sorting, correcting ID3 tags, etc when you can get a full month of SiriusXM for less then 15 songs. That's so 1999. Doesn't the Xmp3 have the ability to save music? Anyone know the format it's stored in?

I guess I'm preaching to the choir. Here's hoping this does equal a defacto price increase and people start to look more favorably at the alternatives, ie. SatRad.

Link below but Google has much more