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No offense guys but

1. How can people say it isn't that bad when they don't listen to the whole show and people all over the place are complaining? If you heard the sound of Howard and Tim's voices today you would know just how bad it is.

2. No one can speculate how this good could be a good move financially and no one can say that this will end up costing less then the canceled subs because none of us know how much Bubba wanted to begin with. What we all do know is that Terrestrial knew he was worth more and they were willing to pay him. Not to mention he once again expanded into more terrestrial markets.

You're right... I found the SAME EXACT THING on free radio. This is a digital age and just because you dont live in the southern markets doesn't mean that you can not tune into the live feed on Florida stations.
ok you can cancel and then all your left with is bubba on fm??????? sounds like a GRRRRRRRREAAAT move to me, i got plenty of other things to listen too, i like deepak chopra on sirius stars i like alan colmes on fox news not to mention HOWARD and all the great COMMERCIAL FREE MUSIC you still have a great service. Okay you can tune into your live feed, but will u get replay's? will u get to listen to it in your car? Are you thinking about canceling charles or just understanding why people would? If all you wanted sirius for was an uncensored bubba show then go ahead and cancel but there really is so much more.