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Thread: Sirius Cutomer Support Playing Dumb

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    Sirius Cutomer Support Playing Dumb

    I just got off the phone with customer service and they are all playing dumb about the Bubba The Love Sponge terrestrial replay. There is some serious damage control going on right now. It was hard to get through and I had to wait 25 minutes to get a supervisor only to have him tell me that things would be business as usual and that they had no idea about this. Which is a blatant lie.
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    I swear this company is run by either an insane asylum or a bunch of kindergarten dropouts. I really hope Mel turns it around and cleans up shop. Customer service seems out of the loop.

    Love the product but it seems they have too many kinks to really take off.

    And since this seems like the place to vent tonight...too much of my money in their stock which I want back with interest

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    honestly, half the people in CSR doesn't listen to sirius and i know why, Sirius outsources, I applied to be one last year.

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    No one disagrees with that. That being said, call centers are alerted of big news. How do I know? I have designed intranets for customer service centers which presented the latest news so reps could deal with FAQ's. Just like when your cable goes out and the guy at the comcast call center knows there is an outage in your area minutes after it happens so they can tell you that it is being worked on.

    They have either been fed a bag of lies to tell customers or they weren't informed in a timely fashion, either way Sirius XM is dropping the ball again. It has been HOURS since we have all learned and the call centers have been flooded, should they know by now? Becuase I just got off the phone again and they are feeding me the same lines.
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    I believe that an official statement has been released from the btls staffers on another forum. That said, I also feel that Sirius Customer Support is working hard to get communication flowing more efficiently so that we subscribers aren't given mixed answers all the time.

    Be sure to fill out the email survey they send you and provide details. Sirius is really starting to take our feedback seriously.

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