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Thread: Sirius/XM iPhone app is now in beta testing...

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    Sirius/XM iPhone app is now in beta testing...

    I have always said that the release of this iPhone app will drive massive subscriber growth and positive press. There are tons of iPhone users all over the world. I anticipate that many iPhone users will try out the app and subscribe to the internet feed and then realize that for a little bit more per month they can get a full subscription and then put a radio in their car and/or home. This will be huge...

    Check out the comments and excitement on the Macrumors forum...

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    Can you translate Huge into how may new additional subs per year you think it will bring in?



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    Could that possible be quantifiable? How could one possibly guess? How many iPhones are there? Take that number and I can tell you without a doubt that it will be less than that.

    I hate statistics anyway, no one ever figures the word of mouth advertising and residual subscriptions that will happen because people liked it on their iphone and got it for their car or even people who may have happened to be listening and told someone sitting next to them about the new app which lead them to go out and buy a sub of their own.

    All I know is that people who like iphones (people who are adopters of technology) are the same kind of people that might enjoy satrad so, its a good audience to start.
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    Here is a review and video of the new Sirius/XM iPhone app...

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    Not an IPhone user...but that app is very nice!!

    How is the battery life with the IPhone? Does running apps like this one affect battery life at all?

    I haven't used the internet stream in a while, but from what I remember the channel selection was very limited, has this changed and does this app stream more/less channels than the regular internet stream? How about CNBC?

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    Happy New Year!

    You can go to and get a channel line-up of what's on their internet offerings.

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