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Thread: Any difference?

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    Any difference?

    "High performance home antenna with compact, weather-resistant design connects to your SIRIUS home receiver so you can enjoy satellite radio through your home AV system".

    This is the describtion for the Monster Indoor Outdoor antenna. Notice it says "High Performance". Is this really "high performance", is it any better than the same Sirius brand antenna? I currently have a Sirius magnetic car antenna just sitting in the livingroom window. I'm in an apartment, so there's no drilling holes to run a wire outside. Living in an apartment presents some reception challenges. My current antenna set up works....most of the time. Would this Monster antenna help, be better than what I'm using now? Thank you.

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    In regards to the signal, you either get a signal or you don't. The sound quality will not improve other than it not cutting out. Rather than spending money on that antenna, I would first try positioning your antenna at an angle to aim at the satellite better or try a regular home antenna which is bigger and has the mechanism to aim it built into the base.

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    Outside antenna

    I placed the regular car antenna on the eave of the house and ran the wire through a window. The wire is small enough for the weatherstripping to work around. No holes drilled. If you can get something outside in the clear your reception will be more reliable and consistant, even though as the previous person mentioned, it is either working or not. The receiver uses the suction cup to hold it to the window, and it is powered by a 12V cigarette lighter adapter plugged into the wall. It's an older Stratus model with a high power transmitter, provides a great signal throughout the house.

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