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Thread: Stiletto 2 not recording

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    Stopped Recording

    My husband has had the same problem with the Stiletto 2 not recording and deleting the entire library of recorded media. Also a Howard Stern fan, we bought the device mainly so that he can record the shows and listen on the go. Since this only happened a few days ago, what could possibly have changed -- and no, he didn't drop it (I asked). Any ideas????

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    Thumbs down Stiletto 2

    I have the same problem I have sent mine back 6 times in the last year. Do yourself a favor and return it for A refund if you can as this will be the problem you will always have. I am a stern fan and after saving about 8 to 12 shows I loss it all (NO RECORDINGS FOUND) oh my god 4 times I had at least 4 or more shows saved and the junk died on me. Now I am extremely intelligent and can understand about storage, about sat reception, I have a 2 gig storage card, I have tried a 1 Gig card, I have tried no card with all the same results LOST SHOWS and a dead radio. THIS SL2 has technical issues and we the public were duped... this radio does not work as advertised. Oh ya the last rep suggested I run it without the battery as people were having luck like that. (Docked Only) Imagine that a $300.00 Radio that is advertised portable and you can use the battery in it HA HA what a joke...

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