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Thread: Would like to see Slacker in next Stiletto

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    Slacker/Sirius Portable device

    I picked up a Slacker Portable on Woot a couple of weeks ago. I am fairly impressed by it and it's service. Sound quality is good but no where near the Stilettos premium internet service. Understandable, since Slacker is like 40 kps AAC vs 128 kps for the premium (the extra one kps is probably info). I would pay for Slacker service at a higher kps.

    I have long pushed the idea of a wifi device, similiar to the Zing prototype device, that would run exclusively off the Sirius Premium internet stream. It had occured to me that adding Slacker to this device would be a good idea. The Wifi circuitry is already there. The device should not be subsidized and should be sold at a profit. Hopefully, something like this comes out of open access. Is anyone aware if Slacker is subsidizing the manufacturer of their radios?

    Eventually, I would like to see Sirius XM either buy or merge with Slacker, if they ever reach that promised point where Sirius XM is generating large amounts of free cash. Obviously 2009 is about just surviving but the future is about products distributed via the internet.
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