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Thread: Holiday Gifts

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    Holiday Gifts

    Anyone else out there got some good gifts yesterday?

    My wife surprised me with a Stiletto 2 with the car dock and a copy of "Too Fat to Fish".

    Now I just need to find a friend to give my old Starmate Replay to.


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    hi guys ! man my wife bought me new Cerwin Vega house speakers ! Man , i can't believe it ! I told her about three years ago i wanted them for my studio. didn't get it then and i never i asked about it again. Now i'm in business. Only wish this company would do the same. Happy Holidays to all ! If anybody snowboards let me know , i'll be in Vail , Colorado next month. I'll buy you a drink for the long , long year we're in for with this stock.

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    I got my subscription re-upped... just like a do every year.
    Charles LaRocca
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    I treated myself to another year of the Sirius Premium Internet Radio - which totally rocks when it comes to sound quality. Heck, it's even superior to the Sat. signal on the music channels! And I absolutely love my Stiletto 2!

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