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Thread: Class Action Lawsuit against Save Sirius and Hartlieb

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    Class Action Lawsuit against Save Sirius and Hartlieb

    Ok, with the latest fear mongering from M.H pissed some share holders on Orbitcast to where he is in works

    Quote from Orbitcast

    Michael Hartleib's comments were made with no merit. There is no "inside source" that told him about BK plans. He is bitter about his case tossed from court so he has stooped to these childish antics. Making a statement like this will no doubt effect consumer confidence and lower the stock price.

    I have already had a meeting with my lawyers today and they are drafting a class action lawsuit against Michael Hartleib and Thank you for posting this article Ryan. I hope you dont mind us using it in court.

    This stock manipulation will end and all parties involved will be held accountable.
    Who's with us Sue the hell out of hartlieb to shut him up!

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    Make sure to keep people informed

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    The problem with Class Actions, is that a lawyer will not take one on unless there is money to be made or unless they are paid up front.

    Sueing a private citizen means that there is no money to be made. Even if there was a lawsuit, it was successful, and a judgement was made, there is actually no way to inforce the collection of a judgement against a private citizen. Sure, the organization can be sued, but how much money do you think the organization has?

    This will go nowhere, unfortunately.

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