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Thread: SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 12/22/08

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    SIRI Intraday Updates for the Week of 12/22/08

    Holiday weeks scare me, but Thanksgiving was not a bad week, so lets see how the shortened Christmas week goes.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in my extended SiriusBuzz Forum family a very Merry Christmas or Happy Hollidays.

    Oh, and for SiriusOwner: Bah, Humbug!

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    Another article saying that SIRI may not make it through '09......yawn.
    At least SIRI doesn't have 21 billion in debt like CHTR.......

    "Some familiar names may not make it through the year: Qimonda (QI) needs a cash infusion (note: it got it - today!). Charter Communications (CHTR) may salvage the company, but its $21B in debt means shareholders are likely to be wiped out. Nortel (NT) has hired bankruptcy lawyers. Other companies in peril: Palm (PALM), Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Motorola (MOT), Sirius XM Radio (SIRI)."

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    HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON TO ALL THE SIRI SHAREHOLDERS. Let's hope for a prosperous New Year for our PPS.

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    Here's to everyone having a good christmas,kwanzaa,hannakuh , all that good stuff, and if your driving remember to always be safe. Holiday driving is such a pain, i get tickets every time i visit relatives lol.

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    Happy Holidays all! Let's hope 2009 will be way better then 2008.

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    Just as I typed that, An Audi commercial came on Fox mentioning Sirius satellite radio. Who knows, could be a sign for the future.

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    I've seen the audi commerical too, also radio shack has been advertising sirius on tv

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    since all my shopping is done , i've been cleaning up around the house. a few months ago i collected all my change out of my car and around the house because SIRI was down to $0.48 and i wanted to keep buying shares for some reason. so i figured every little bit counts. we basically had a fall cleaning project to get ready for my new stereo system in my studio room but that never happened thanks to the economy. anyway , the change accumulated to $ 53 and change. i was gonna go to coinstar and cash it in but never got around to it. it's just sittin in the garage. BUT now its gonna buy me about 424 shares of SIRI. lol !! my point is , i would have never thought that i would see a quarter on the ground and think , " hey that's 2 shares of SIRI i can buy. "

    i would like to sing you a Christmas Carol

    jingle bells , SIRI smells
    Karmazin get outta the way
    oh what fun we could have had if he paid the debt today HEY !

    jingle bells , hold or sell ?
    their marketing is bad
    if i worked for this company i would be really saaaaAAAD !

    the stock is up and down
    like the life of Charlie Brown
    Wall Street goin broke
    this investment was a joke ! ha ha ha ha !

    ohhh mingle Mel , mingle Mel
    mingle everyday
    to the banks of creditors and refinance todaaaaAAYYY
    our stocks smell what the hell ?
    you gotta have a plan
    if you dont then we'll get crushed , by the , MAAAAAAANNNNNNN !!

    SIRI Christmas everybody and happy festivus !

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    SANTA RALLY THIS WEEK? OR FLAT NOTHING?.... I sat we trade up for the week and sell off next week going into end of month.. as for sirius it will be..

    .122 end of week! nasdaq 9022 !! on light volume...

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    Loosening Credit Market

    Palm gets $100M infusion

    Palm a PDA company that no longer makes PDA's is getting cash infusions.
    Lets hope that Sirius XM can find a beneficial debt deal as well.
    Merry Christmas,

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