My last survey was about 2 weeks ago.

Im alright with Nina 9 saying that, Ms Kitty was pretty strict on the music she played and thats what I like about xm's dj's really.

Leo G. must be in a bad mood these days. LOL. Now that pisses me off if he CAN'T play something versus doesn't want too. The DJ is the artist and I count on their tastes. But not being able to play a request is BAD!

I just put on Shade 45 and its more talking, wtf, why do they talk so much if they are the only channel we have that will play Papoos, and do they even play that?

The reason I still love sirius is I now switched to Hits one who is now playing outkast. So I can always find something to listen too at least.

But I need a channel that I can be sure to hear some gangsta sh1t. and...5 minutes later streetsweeper is still rambling on...WTF! WHO WANTS TO HEAR A TALK SHOW ON A RAP STATION!?? I like the dj's talking but PLEASE! cut it down to a minute.

Ok, Now faction is playing Gin and Juice (snoop) so I can flip around and find music.

If I remember correctly I think Hip hop nation actually played some R&B before the channel changes, so I welcome that it doesn't play R&B anymore...and it plays less old skool from what I remember also. As far as repetitiveness, I have to believe that it is new, and I also think its them testing the listeners to identify what they want to hear, according to my email for the survey it specifically said It's a New Year and we are committed to making Hip Hop Nation the best it can be.

As always, Hip Hop Nation keeps hitting you in the head with new music!!!
So to me that means they are paying attention to repitition.

Maybe MZ. Kitty will fill the slot? Check this out from her website

Yes, this is a step in the right direction but they didnít get it all right though because we are still missing 66 RAW! I donít know about you but I think LEO G sounds like heís being held back on 67 and G-MIX. We still need to fight and bring my girl Mz Kitti back to team up with LEO G and give us what we want to hear. Please continue to pass on the petition, call, and email Sirius XM until they bring back 66 RAW. They shouldnít have taken it off in the first place! I'd like to think the petition had someting to do with this so lets keep it up until they really hear us!