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Thread: Let's throw a shoe at MEL too...

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    Let's throw a shoe at MEL too...

    Did anyone see the news today about the shoes being thrown at Gerge W. Bush ? We should do the same with SIRI'S CEO for driving the stock price to the pennies...
    I would do it if I were to go to the shareholder's meeting but I am not going so... any volunteers ?
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    lol ! i was watching the fball game yesterday and it was breaking news during commercial break. i was drinking my beer and spppphhffff , beer all over myself. not one shoe , but two !! lol !

    as for mel , lets make sure we throw steel-toe boots. just kidding mel , i'm still hoping he'll do what he can for this company , shareholders , and his reputation. if he loses this company , he'll have to retire , period. nobody is gonna hire a CEO in this economy , especially one who's failed at his job. and i don't want to hear excuses for the economy going bad , maybe he should of paid some of the debt off before the merger. there are plenty of technology companies with very little , or not debt at all. no excuses.
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    im not the biggest bush fan but seeing him have to dodge a shoe really pissed me off, i dont care, dont f'n insult are president, even if he is a dumb ass redneck.

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    that guy has a good arm.. the yankees need some pitching!!

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