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Thread: F this site

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    F this site

    I'm sorry to be so crude but I'm done with this site.

    Whoever the moderator is keeps removing good, legitimate posts by longtime posters such as friggin, socal and others.

    What a bunch of B.S.

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    It's almost as if this site has been paid by Sirius to screen any comments that could be deemed as negative to the company's agenda and remove them if necessary.

    What's really going on here?

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    Are you talking about on the boards or in the blog post comments?

    I have not touched a single comment or board thread in some time.

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    By the way, I emailed frigginregan and made sure he had a copy of his comment before I removed it, so that he could post it in forums because his post had nothing to do with the Sirius promo code article.

    We censor next to nothing here, in fact, I talk more shit about Sirius then most people here. Feel free to post anything you want AS LONG AS IT IS IN THE APPROPRIATE PLACE. Or how about in a place that is REMOTELY related.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    My two cents

    I am growing very tired of being accused of "censorship".

    We try very hard to let most comments live on this site as they are posted. However, there are times where a comment does not relate to the subject at hand, is an attack on someone in a persoanl way, is a hit and run or is simply so vulgar that it should be removed.

    While that may frustrate some, there has to be a sense of order and civility here. That is what separates this site from yahoo and others.

    I find it ironic that a site that gioves a quality place for people to interact in a meaningfull way get slammed like we do. It makes me question whether or not it is worth spending the time we do on this site.
    Tyler Savery
    Satellite Standard Founder

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    I have not noticed anything of this nature, but instead of removing the post in its entirety, is there a way for you to simply show that the post was removed for XYZ reason. Or state that it was moved for XYZ reason? Just a suggestion to keep the detractors at bay.

    PS. I appreciate a tidy room.

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    The forum does a pretty good job of that but wordpress does not (although I am working on that), which is why I went totally out of my way to email the person who made the post, included the entire post in the email so it would not be lost, and then encouraged him to place it into a thread in the forum.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    I'm not upset about my post being removed. It was my first, and I can see SiriusBuzz's point. Even tho my post wasn't vulgar(just your typical Friggin rant) really didn't have anything directly related to the article on Sirius Holiday Coupons.

    In my defense, NO ONE was commenting on the article.

    Management has every right to remove posts. But I'd also say that it's a grey line. If more people had posted in that article, like a conversation, posts OFTEN go off topic. You start talking about one thing, and soon you're talking about another. You have to be careful to label something off topic, when it could simply be part of the natural flow of a conversation. One topic leads to another. Feelings beget more feelings, and pretty soon you're talking about something else entirely. Forums and posts are like conversations. They are ORGANIC.

    Ok...I said my peace.

    My lack of posting as of late has nothing to do with Tyler or anyone at Sirius Buzz removing posts and everything to do with my COMPLETE lack of passion for this stock anymore.

    So no hard feelings. Still a great site.

    Peace out.

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    IMO, you made a good post and a good rant but you weren't doing yourself any favors by posting it there. I don't want to have to act like the police when stuff is WAY off topic and at the same time you guys posting shouldn't want to do it either, as often times good stuff gets buried from the public eye. I hate getting crucified by trying to help people do the right thing.

    I spend a lot of time on other blogs/websites because its part of what I do for a living and its clear to me that some of the people who post here are using comment sections and forum posting for the first time and I think its cool, all I want to do is steer people in the right direction. For instance, I cant count how many times I have seen people in the forums quote someone who is directly posting above them. So, I try and let people know that the point of quoting is to keep a conversation focused if you are talking to someone out of order and I get called an asshole... its tough sometimes.

    Stay tuned for threaded and paginated post capability in the comment section of the site coming very soon. It will be much easier to keep track of off topic conversations. I will be working all weekend to get it in place. I am going to make everyone here happy if its the last thing I do.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    WOW I MISSED IT.. it must have pissed some people off!!

    my 2 cents, freedom to your opinion is ok but dont insult or be to foul in your comments and if your offended grow a pair and get over it, and if your offending people grow up..

    this is a place for sirius fans/inverstors to chat converce etc. not a liberal blog post ..

    peace and go long the market next week..

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