Hey guys,

I wanted to see if anyone else out there has had similar problems with their XMp3 that I've had. I've seen other power-related issues but have not found anyone posting about this particular problem. Here's an email I sent to Pioneer customer service. I'd be interested to know if anyone else can reproduce this problem. Don't hose your device following these steps. You can safely go up through step 10. Don't do step 11 (deleting song from XM2Go Music Manager) unless you want to screw up your device.

Inquiry:GEX-XMP3 - XMp3 Satellite Radio - Device Corruption Problem


I would like to report a serious problem with your XMp3 portable satellite radio. First off, I love the product. It's easily the best portable player on the market. However, there is a serious flaw that can render the device useless. I am now on my third device (purchased from Best Buy in Mount Juliet, TN) due to this problem. If I had a bunch of these units to test with I could narrow the problem down further for you. The problem results in a device that:

1. When powered on, stays on for 45-60 seconds then shuts off and then automatically restarts. This on/off repeats indefinitely every 45-60 seconds.
2. Factory restore and erase function will never complete, either because of the repeating on/off or due to internal corruption.
3. Recording no longer works. Even within the 45-60 second window when the device is powered on and functioning, you cannot record individual songs or channels.

Initial steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Turn on XMp3.
2. Tune to a channel and press the rec button to record a song.
3. After the song finishes recording, click the "menu" button.
4. Navigate to "Recorded XM" and find the song you just recorded.
5. Delete the song.
6. Return to listening to "Live XM".
7. Plug in the USB cable to the device. (DO NOT TURN OFF THE DEVICE BEFORE PLUGGING IN USB) 8. On the computer, launch the XM2Go Music Manager software.
9. After the device is detected, navigate to the "Recorded XM".
10. You should still see the song listed here that you supposedly "deleted"
from the device.
11. Right-click on the song and choose "DELETE".

At this point, you may have already corrupted the device. You may get lucky doing it once, however, if you experiment with the above steps, recording deleting from both device and XM2Go Music Manager, uploading songs to the internal memory (not SD card), you should easily be able to reproduce the problem.

Note: If, at step 7 above, you had turned off the device before restarting and plugging in the USB cable, the song would not have displayed in the XM2Go Music Manager.