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Thread: more bad news, or is it?

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    p.s. i really appreciate everyone's willingness to share their knowledge on all these subjects. i'm new to investing , and although i did do my research on Sirius stock and dove in it , i didn't do research on the how the market was doing in August. so i lost big , but continue hold on. when i say hold i mean , holding on to the big log ( the log being my stocks and mutual funds etc. ) that King Kong ( kong being the economy ) is shaking back and forth.

    thanks again

    end of transmission

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    Hello. I have read that there are some alternatives to BK for Sirius. One of them being a dillution of shares by nearly doubling the outstanding shares from 4.5billion to 8 billion. In addition to that, doing a "reverse split" on the stock, to the tune of 1 for 10 or even as high as 1 for 50.

    While i understand that a dillution would be terrible, would the reverse split have a horrid effect on the stock? I have been buying like a madman since the stock hit .15, and just picked up more this morning for .142. I'm gambling on the best case scenario that my tens of thousands of shares that I bought for a couple grand will be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars when this is over.

    Am I kidding myself? Does Sirius really have a chance? Will the fall of the auto industry kill sirius? Will the release of cashflow from the MLB & NFL deal save Sirius? Is Mel the great white hope we think he is?

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    welcome to the team dick, we all have the same hopes and same questions

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