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Thread: Sirius XM Weekly Music Notables 12-14

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    Sirius XM Weekly Music Notables 12-14

    Just a shot in the dark but, I figured that maybe people might want to know about upcoming music specials. This can also be a weekly thread for other listeners of their favorite channels to post any specials that might be upcoming and interesting to someone who may not listen to your favorite channels. Should we create another weekly thread for talk?

    I don't necessarily think the following are interesting I am just grabbing a few from the Sirius website. Feel free to pile on...

    Artist Confidential: James Taylor
    Mon 12/15 9:00 pm ET
    ch. 30 | The Coffee House

    ABBA Radio
    Starting Fri 12/12 6:00 pm ET until 12/21
    ch. 3 | ABBA Radio

    The Best Of Jason Ellis
    Saturdays 3pm ET
    ch. 28 | Faction
    Charles LaRocca
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    Great idea.

    I think this should be cool, on Hip Hop Nation:

    Common "Trippin"!
    Today (12-13-08 )4:00 pm ET
    Join the Two Time Grammy AwardŽ-winning Chi-town legend, Common as he takes us through his musical catalog highlighting such hits as "I Used to Love H.E.R.," "The Light," "The Corner," and brand new music from his new CD Universal Mind Control!

    Rebroadcast: Mon., Dec. 15th @ 9 am-12 pm ET.

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