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Thread: Unique Content only on Sirius XM

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    Unique Content only on Sirius XM

    Anyone have any stories about their favorite unique content?

    One whole saturday morning LL Cool J was on Shade 45 debuting his new album...and, no commercials. Im not a huge LL cool J fan but my earphones were glued to my head the entire show.

    I think its great that Sirius XM brings popular artists and can dedicate a whole show to them, interviewing and playing what they want. LL even did a top ten favorites.

    Please share your experience with the Unique Content only on Sirius XM

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    I wish I had a better story but every now and then the one off shows on Howard 100 and 101 are pretty entertaining. Most of the whack packers bomb but every now and then a gem slips through. I was a fan of the John The Stutterer doing political commentary.

    That being said, I would like to hear more unique stuff like you are talking about but I never know when this kind of stuff is happening. Maybe it would be cool if we started posting in the forums about upcoming shows and then others can chime in about how they were after they listen? Maybe even a weekly thread that lists all things interesting and we can all pile on?

    I think that sometimes the only way to know about some upcoming show is to be a regular listener of the channel.
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    One of the things I thought was truly cool about Sirius back when I was an XM customer was the old (I mean former ) MTV VJs hosting the 1980's station. What did we have at the XM 80's station but the very annoying Heidi Selexa. I also think it's great having former MTV 120 minutes host Dave Kendall hosting a show on my favorite station, First Wave. By the late 80's, the only things worth watching on MTV was 120 Minutes.

    Talking of First Wave, what's up with Madison? She doesn't have any connection to the 80's and she is only marginally less annoying then Heidi Selexa was. Can't they find a full time gig for her on Alt Nation

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    I have often debated what I would rather want from Sirius XM, all music no DJ or the cool specialty programs they offer. I feel the coolest thing about the company is that they offer the artists slots on the channels.

    When the artists take over a channel you can hear what has influenced their style etc. You can't go wrong listening to the music that your favorite artists enjoys.

    I think with the new XMP3 features of recording 5 channels at once and a scheduler that this will be a new world of customized programming. COOL!

    Check out here often for special Top music picks.

    Anyone have stories how the XMP3 player has opened new windows into music scheduling?

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